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Trusted worldwide for providing accessible medicines information, all in one place 

MedicinesComplete provides quick and easy access to a central source of trusted, expert medicines information. 

Our essential knowledge supports the pharmaceutical industry to develop novel treatments, keep track of the ever-changing legislation on the manufacture and distribution of medicines, deliver unbiased medicines information to health professionals, and ensure patient safety.  


Trusted by:

Medical Affairs and Medical Information

Confidently provide well-informed responses to medical information enquiries, maintain up-to-date knowledge of disease treatments, and deliver internal support to commercial teams. MedicinesComplete provides easy access to regularly reviewed, evidence-based information, including indications, side effects and clinical trial data.

Research & Development

Ensure the production of safe and efficacious treatments for patients. Acquire accurate knowledge on the function and properties of pharmaceutical excipients, medicine pharmacokinetics and drug interaction mechanisms, and core analytical techniques, through MedicinesComplete. 

Regulatory Affairs

Support the compliant production of medicines, advise on legal and scientific constraints, and provide expert knowledge to Research & Development departments and government agencies. Through MedicinesComplete, find essential information on the licensed and unlicensed usage of drugs, guidance and legislation on the manufacture and distribution of medicines, and manufacturer drug information.


Assess the safety profile of pharmaceutical products, minimise the risk of side effects, and support adverse event reporting. MedicinesComplete provides quick and easy access to valued medicines information, including manufacturer drug information, documented adverse drug reactions, and clinical evidence of drug interactions.

Quality Assurance

Promote compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice requirements and ensure medicines are developed, stored, handled, and distributed in-line with established quality standards. Through MedicinesComplete, access guidance and legislation on the manufacture of medicines and evidence-based information on stability and storage conditions of excipients and medicines. 

Benefit from:

Fully referenced, evidence-based drug and healthcare information

A range of products available from one central location

Trusted data on licensed and unlicensed drug use

An intuitive search experience and modern user interface

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What our customers say:

“MedicinesComplete is a great platform. The search lets you go into lots of different publications quickly. It’s my place to start searching and researching.”

Medical Information, UK

“Our Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory teams find MedicinesComplete a valuable tool for our work across different areas and disciplines within safety and medicines regulation.”

Alison Etchells, Pharmacovigilance Team Leader, Thornton & Ross, UK

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