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Publication Updates

14 Jan
Herbal Medicines logo
Herbal Medicines January 2020 Update

Pomelo has been added to this update and Cranberry has been fully revised. Peppermint, Turmeric, and Plantain have been selectively revised. Pharmacopoeial, preparations, and manufacturers’ information have also been updated.

New monographs: Pomelo.

Revised monographs: Cranberry.

Selective Revisions: Peppermint, Turmeric and Plantain. 

Minor Updates: European Pharmacopoeia and USP-NF information has been globally updated; Appendices 2, and Preparation and Manufacturers information have been updated. 

14 Jan
Stockley's Interactions Checker_logo
Stockley’s Interaction Checker January 2020 Update

New and updated interactions now available

For January, 167 new interactions have been added, and 70 existing interactions have been updated.

14 Jan
British National Formulary for Children logo
BNF For Children January 2020 Update

This update contains 4 significant changes. 

Significant Changes:   

  • Asthma, acute: updated guidance on management. 
  • Asthma, chronic: updated guidance on management. 
  • Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease: updated guidance. 
  • Yellow fever vaccine, live: stronger precautions in people with weakened immunity and in those aged 60 years or older [MHRA/CHM advice]. 

For further details on changes in the BNFC click on https://www.medicinescomplete.com/#/content/bnfc/PHP107699?hspl=changes 


14 Jan
British National Formulary logo
BNF January 2020 Update

This update contains 12 significant changes and 5 new preparations. 

Significant Changes:  

  • Ambrisentan (Volibris®): patient alert card available [MHRA/CHM advice]. 
  • Asthma, acute: updated guidance on management. 
  • Asthma, chronic: updated guidance on management. 
  • Carfilzomib (Kyprolis®): risk of reactivation of hepatitis B virus [MHRA/CHM advice]. 
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: updated guidance on management. 
  • Dyspepsia, Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, and Peptic ulcer disease: updated guidance and dosing regimens. 
  • Fluocinolone acetonide intravitreal implant for treating chronic diabetic macular oedema in phakic eyes after an inadequate response to previous therapy [NICE guidance]. 
  • Helicobacter pylori infection: updated guidance and dosing regimens. 
  • Neratinib for extended adjuvant treatment of hormone receptor-positive, HER2-positive early stage breast cancer after adjuvant trastuzumab [NICE guidance]. 
  • Pentosan polysulfate sodium for treating bladder pain syndrome [NICE guidance]. 
  • Rucaparib for maintenance treatment of relapsed platinum-sensitive ovarian, fallopian tube or peritoneal cancer [NICE guidance]. 
  • Yellow fever vaccine, live: stronger precautions in people with weakened immunity and in those aged 60 years or older [MHRA/CHM advice]. 

New PreparationsNerlynx® [neratinib], Pepto-Bismol® [bismuth subsalicylate], Softacort® [hydrocortisone eye drops], Vaborem® [meropenem with vaborbactam], Xospata® [gilteritinib]. 
For further details on changes in the BNF click on http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/PHP107699-changes.htm 

14 Jan
Palliative Care Formulary January 2020 Update

This update contains 3 revised monographs. 

The following monographs have undergone minor revision: Isphagula; Magnesium salts; Quick Clinical Guide for Opioid-induced Constipation

14 Jan
AHFS Drug Information logo
AHFS Jan 2020 Update

This update contains 2 new monographs, 47 revised monographs, and 1 discontinued monograph. 

New monographs: Elexacaftor, Tezacaftor, And Ivacaftor; Minocycline (Topical) 

Revised monographs: Insulin Aspart; Zoledronic Acid; Mycophenolate; Exenatide; Mometasone; Glatiramer; Human Papillomavirus Vaccine; SITagliptin; Febuxostat; Liraglutide; Fingolimod; sAXagliptin; Linagliptin; Tofacitinib; Alogliptin; Canagliflozin; Teriflunomide; Dimethyl Fumarate; Dapagliflozin; Dulaglutide; Empagliflozin; Alemtuzumab; Peginterferon Beta-1a; Lixisenatide; Insulin Degludec; Ocrelizumab; Latanoprostene bunod; Netarsudil mesylate; Ertugliflozin; Angiotensin II; Fremanezumab-vfrm; Galcanezumab-gnlm; Cenegermin-bkbj; Esketamine; Phenytoin; LORazepam; Tamoxifen; hydroCHLOROthiazide; Allopurinol; Benzodiazepines General Statement; Insulins General Statement; Insulin Human; Midazolam; Interferon Beta; metFORMIN; mitoXANTRONE; Raloxifene 

Discontinued monographs: antineoplastic agents GS 

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