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The Palliative Care Formulary provides unrivalled and expert drug information for health professionals when caring for adult patients facing progressive life-limiting diseases. This trusted source goes beyond standard references providing health professionals with in-depth and practical guidance on drugs and treatment regimens to help improve quality of life.

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Internationally acclaimed with over 20 years of unrivalled in-depth knowledge

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Independent information on general and specialist drug use in palliative care


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Comprehensive guidance for use across all stages of the patient journey

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Rigorously researched information grounded firmly in everyday clinical practice

Publication Updates

12 Feb
Palliative Care Formulary February 2019 Update 

This update contains 6 revised monographs.

Revised monographs: Zinc; Loperamide; Mirtazapine; Olanzapine; Catheter patency; Antidepressants.