The only guide to extended beyond-use dating of parenteral drugs.

Available in June 2023 through MedicinesComplete, Extended Stability for Parenteral Drugs supports safe extended dating of parenteral drugs beyond the usual 24-hour limit – minimising waste and lowering medicines costs. The indispensable, go-to reference for anyone preparing, administering, or compounding medicines for use in patients.

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Quickly access real-world extended stability information for the most commonly used IV solutions, medications, and administration devices

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Safely extend beyond-use dating of parenteral medications

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Reduce medicines costs 

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Minimise medicines waste from partial dosing or when temperature excursions occur, particularly for expensive drugs and drugs in short supply

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Enable optimal patient administration schedules at alternate infusion sites

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Allows medicines to be prepared in bulk or ahead of time

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Extended Stability for Parenteral Drugs provides:

  • 196 monographs, each including extended drug stability data specific to: container, drug manufacturer, concentration, and diluent
  • An extensive list of medications with temperature excursion data for intact vials
  • Provides coverage of all aspects of determining stability, including the changing elastomeric landscape and the ongoing variability in stability data
  • Monographs inclusive of all clinical settings where parenteral drugs are stored or compounded, in addition to alternative site infusions
  • Stability timeframes including standardised temperatures for room, refrigerated, frozen, post thaw, and body temperatures
  • Newly published stability information for parenteral nutrition, oncology, specialty, and COVID medications
  • Stability data presented in user-friendly, easy to digest tables
  • Monographs linked to relevant information in ASHP Injectable Drug Information

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22 May

ESPD has now been launched on MedicinesComplete.