Essential medicines information to support complex decision-making and dynamic prescribing in critical care

An indispensable resource to guide the most effective treatment for adult patients in intensive care. Providing practical, evidence-based information and guidance to support the complex needs of the critically ill.

Regularly updated, Critical Illness supports the multi-disciplinary team providing dosing guidance and required adjustments, administration advice, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic information as well as other important patient considerations.

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Practical advice to aid decision-making

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Dose adjustment guidance for critically ill patients such as those with AKI or on ECMO

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Developed by a team of critical care experts working in clinical practice

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Detailed clinical commentary explaining the evidence behind recommendations

We are delighted that the first edition of Critical Illness is launching on MedicinesComplete. The vision of a dynamic evidenced-based guide to drugs in critical illness has evolved from an idea into an extensive collaboration with colleagues and friends from over the UK and the international critical care community. It has been our pleasure to work alongside colleagues at Pharmaceutical Press and special thank you to the editors and expert contributors, it would not have been possible without you.
- The Editors-in-Chief, Dr Barbara Philips, Greg Barton and Dr Cathrine McKenzie

Publication Updates

14 Mar

This update contains 1 new monograph, and 2 minor updates. New monograph: Morphine, Minor updates: Risperidone, Alfentanil.

06 Dec
Critical Illness December 2022 Update

This update contains 4 minor updates.

Minor updates: Phenytoin; Levetiracetam; Lorazepam; Thiopental sodium.

11 Oct
Critical Illness October 2022 Update

This update contains 1 new monograph and 1 minor update.

New monograph: Rifampicin

Minor update: Gentamicin

14 Jun
Critical Illness June 2022 Update

This update contains 1 revised monograph and 4 minor updates.

Revised monograph: Meropenem.

08 Mar
Critical Illness March 2022 Update

This update contains 2 new monographs and 1 minor update.

New monographs:
Erythromycin; Fondaparinux Sodium.

Minor updates:
Ceftazidime with Avibactam.

07 Dec
Critical Illness December 2021 Update

This update contains 3 new monographs and 1 minor update.

New monographs: Ceftazidime with avibactam; Oxycodone hydrochloride; Risperidone.

Minor updates: Tinzaparin.

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