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Dr Pamela Mason, Editor of Dietary Supplements, highlights the role of vitamin D in immune function and asks if Vitamin D could treat COVID-19. Including insights from reviews and studies conducted by research teams across Europe.

Chapters include: 

  • How we obtain vitamin D
  • Link between vitamin D and respiratory tract infections
  • Does vitamin D have a role in the immune response to vaccines? 
  • Could vitamin D treat COVID-19?

Exclusive Insight: 

During 2020, a number of studies have examined the possible association between vitamin D status and susceptibility to COVID-19 and its consequences. Two studies have reported inverse correlations between national estimates of vitamin D status and COVID-19 incidence and mortality in European countries (Laird et al 2020; Ilie et al 2020). Lower serum 25(OH)D concentrations have also been reported to be associated with susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2 infection (D’Avolio et al, 2020) and increased COVID-19 severity (Panagiotou et al, 2020).

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